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Meet The Founders

2023 Poonam Professional


Chief Executive Officer, Think Act Consulting

Meet Poonam, the dynamic driving force propelling Think Act Consulting. With a rock-solid background in Organisational Psychology, she excels in leadership, organisational development, Strategic Talent Management, and Strategic HR Advisory.

From across the globe, Poonam has shaped leaders and elevated professionals, instilling fresh insights drawn from her occupational psychology background. Her dedication to evidence-based solutions sets her apart.

Poonam adeptly orchestrates interventions for mass assessments and executive development, skillfully steering complex human capital endeavours. Her philosophy, “Your mindset matters; it will impact how you behave & ultimately, how you will be remembered,” deeply resonates.

Beyond her role as an Executive Coach & Mentor, Poonam partners with CEOs and game changers, tapping into her senior leadership exposure and global experience to unlock potential. Fueled by curiosity and engagement, her coaching seamlessly blends commercial acumen with psychological insights.

Poonam’s knack for building relationships, coupled with her exceptional ability to foster transformative growth, positions Think Act Consulting as a beacon of progress. Embodying her belief, “We spend a lot of our lives working; let’s make it worthwhile,” Poonam infuses a touch of fun into every journey.

With her sights set on the future, Poonam’s unwavering spirit and holistic approach encompassing well-being, leadership burnout, and nurturing emerging talent stand as a testament to her commitment to nurturing a community of resilient and fulfilled leaders poised to embrace the opportunities ahead.

Bhavuk Arora Professional


Chief Operating Officer, Think Act Consulting

Meet Bhavuk, a driving force at Think Act Consulting. With a fervent belief in technology’s potential, Bhavuk advocates for its role in revolutionising businesses, communities, and nations. He has led transformative journeys for clients, fostering lasting cultural impact and enhancing customer experiences internally and externally.

With a career deeply rooted in Technology, AI, and Cyber Risk & Governance, Bhavuk has collaborated with major financial and government entities worldwide, leveraging his extensive experience and expertise. His technical background empowers him to demystify complex cyber issues, effectively communicating them to stakeholders and CXOs in a relatable manner.

As a trusted advisor, Bhavuk plays a pivotal role, offering invaluable insights on Technology, AI Risk & Governance, IT Strategy, and Innovation within organisations. His appetite for tackling novel challenges drives him to seek innovative solutions to the diverse problems clients present constantly.

Beyond his professional commitments, Bhavuk is devoted to nurturing upcoming talent, actively coaching and mentoring to propel the next generation of industry leaders.

Embodying the dynamic fusion of technology and visionary leadership, Bhavuk personifies the transformational force that propels businesses and society toward a brighter future.


At Think Act Consulting, we genuinely value the deep-rooted expertise of our associates, each bringing their own wealth of experience to the people sector. Every associate we work with has been thoughtfully chosen, not just for their skills, but for their genuine alignment with our ethos. Our network, which has authentic ties across the Middle East and further, is a testament to our dedication. When you partner with us, it’s not just about service but a genuine commitment to your success.